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Stanix Professional (Traditional Chinese)RC4

Best Rapid Learning Chinese Environment
Stanix provide a Simple/Stable/Comfortable environment for your desktop
without deluxe decoration, easy to use directly, don't worry about system crash
or infected by viruses, let you focus and concentrate on your job !

Stanix got the PCHOME Taiwan 5 stars [Here]
  • Not only Live CD but also support install to your XP folder!
  • Upgrade the Firefox to
  • Upgrade the Opera to 9.10
  • Upgrade Linux Kernel to 2.6.17
  • Support Online Live Application publish
  • Support Stanix Portal
    BT download
  • Not ready
  • HTTP download
  • Download Stanix RC1-RC3

  • FrozenTech's LiveCD List has included Stanix Professional into the list: Click [here]
    READ ME (TC=Traditional Chinese)
  • Professional TC RC3: [here]
  • Professional TC RC2: [here]
  • Stanix Screenshot: [browse] FAQ
  • Query FAQ : [FAQ (Traditional Chinese)]
    Online Upgrade (Chinese)
  • Rapid remaster your own Live CD, B2C Back to live CD
  • Access home/~ directory via FTP/NFS/SAMBA
  • B2D Back to Debian(1)
  • B2D Back to Debian(2)
  • Online Custom My Stanix Live CD/DVD
    Environment protection:
  • Please use CD-RW to rewrite your iso file
  • Please use 4x to burn your iso file
  • If your PC is good enough, please use QEMU, VMWare or VPC to test iso file first [QEMU | VMWare | VirtualPC ]
  • Please refer to "Install to HD without burning CD" to save your CD-R [howto]

    Download ISO file
  • knoppix.tnc.edu.tw
  • ftp.isu.edu.tw
  • GIGA
  • ftp.encntc.edu.tw
    The other works of Stan
  • Austrum support traditional chinese font[download|read me]
  • Special Thanks knppix.tnc.edu.tw
    Boot screen
    Stanix Desktop
    Use VNC Client to connect Mandrake
    Provide the GTK IDE
    PXE Terminal Server
    Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer
    Freemind (Mind Map)

    About Stanix A project based on Knoppix CD, the main goal is to provide a win98 clone of user behaving live-cd add additional tools(with C, perl and shell script) for the Chinese community based on the needs of Chinese speaking users. Tech Support SourceForege Tech Support Forums:
  • GPL Sources
    We honnor the GPL and will send anybody the sources to 
    the GPL software in Stanix.
    If you want to recive copies of the software please send
    NT.200(Taiwan) or US$.20 (Overseas) (cost of media and
    shipping) and we will gladly mail you the sources.
    please mailto: stanix.tw (at) gmail.com

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    Support This Project .